It's All
Or Nothing

DaVinci® All-Electric Scissor

Redefine Your Productivity

The DaVinci All-Electric Scissor Lift is a masterpiece of sophisticated, yet simple-to-use technology, engineered to maximize your productivity with intelligence that doesn't lead the class — it teaches it.

Single Lithium-ion Battery

The DaVinci lift is powered by a single 24V lithium-ion battery rated to last up to 10 years. All productivity. Zero headaches.

Zero Hydraulics

The industry's first true all-electric scissor lift features zero hydraulics, eliminating hydraulic leaks entirely. Zero leaks. Zero diapers. Zero hassle.

Industry-First Energy Recovery

Meet the most eco-friendly scissor on the planet. It's that simple.

Exclusive DaVinciGO™ App

Available on iOS and Android devices, this app eliminates the need for a separate analyzer or any specialized tools by allowing users to tap into intuitive, smart phone-enabled diagnostics from anywhere.

Real-World Answers

The DaVinci lift features state-of-the-art engineering and technology within an elegant design that sets a new industry benchmark for performance with almost no maintenance required.

Smarter Mobility

Equipped with a host of advanced innovations in control and mobility, you might say the DaVinci was designed to drive productivity higher. Literally.

The DaVinci Difference

As the only 100% electric scissor lift on the market today, we compared the specification of the DaVinci against those of two popular competitors in the 19-ft scissor class. From specs to features, now's your chance to see the differences for yourself.

All names/trademarks are the property of their respective owners and/or manufacturers. Competitive specifications based off spec sheets available from respective website as of 07/28/2022.

Genie® GS1932 SkyJack® SJ3219
100% Electric Drive Electric Drive Hydraulic Drive
Drives, steers, lifts on electric power Drives on AC electric motor
Lifts and steers on hydraulic power
Drives, steers, lifts on hydraulic power
Platform Height (Indoor) 19-ft 19-ft 3-in 18-ft 6-in
Platform Height (Outdoor) 19-ft 14-ft 8-in 18-ft 6-in
Lift Capacity 606-lb 500-lb 500-lb
Platform Size 25.4-in x 62.7-in (inside dimensions) 29.9-in x 65-in (outside dimensions) 26-in x 61-in (inside dimensions)
Extension Deck Length 3-ft 3-ft 3-ft
Extension Deck Capacity 265-lb 250-lb 250-lb
Stowed Height (Rails Up/Down) 6-ft 11-in/6-ft 6-in 7-ft 1-in/5-ft 11-in 7-ft/6-ft 8-in
Overall Length/Overall Width 5-ft 9-in/2-ft 8-in 6-ft/2-ft 8-in 5-ft 11-in/2-ft 8-in
Weight 3,475-lb 2,929-lb 3,255-lb
Ground Bearing Pressure 150 psi 159 psi 168 psi
Power Source Single 24V Lithium-Ion
~10 years Bettery Life
3.5 hrs. to Full Charge (Standard 650w charger)
2.5 hrs. to Full Charge (Optional 900w charger)
24V DC (4x6V) 24V DC (4x6V)
Quick Charge Capability Yes No No
Opportunity Charge Capability Yes No No
Drive System Fully Electric 24V AC Dual AC electric drive Hydraulic Drive
Leak Points No Yes Yes
Leak Containment None Needed Optional Optional
Drive Speed (Stowed) 4 mph 2.5 mph Optional
Drive Speed (Elevated) Adaptable, 1.5-.5 mph .5 mph .7 mph
Tilt Rating Front/Back 3.75 Degrees 3.0 Degrees 3.5 Degrees
Tilt Rating Side/Side 1.75 Degrees (Indoor)
1.5 Degrees (Outdoor)
1.5 Degrees 1.5 Degrees
Turn Radius (Inside) 0 0 0
Gradeability 25% 25% 25%
Tire Size/Tire Type 12.5-in x 4-in/Solid, Non-Marking 12-in/Solid, Non-Marking 12-in/Solid, Non-Marking
Brakes Multi-Disc Friction Rear wheel, Disc Brakes
Front wheel, Hydraulic Dynamic Braking
Dual Holding Brakes
Additional Features
Mobile Control (Drive, Steer, Position Stowed Machine) Standard — JLG® Mobile Control
Smart Phone Diagnostics Standard — JLG® DaVinciGO™
Remote Assistance Networking Standard — JLG® DaVinciGO™
Driveable at Full Height Standard — Indoor and Outdoor Standard — Indoor Standard — Indoor and Outdoor
Maintenance-Free Electric Motor Standard Standard
USB Charger + Phone Cradle Standard
Energy Recovery Standard
Zero Battery Degredation Standard
Progressive Elevated Drive Speed Standard
Pothole Protection System Standard Standard Standard
Lanyard Attachment Points Standard Standard Standard
Easy Folding Rails QuikFold Rail System Folding Rails RAPIDFOLD Rail System
No-Load Calibration Standard
Telematics Ready Standard Standard Standard
Load Sensing System Standard Standard Standard