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Introducing The
DaVinci All-Electric Scissor

Redefine Your Productivity

The DaVinci All-Electric Scissor is a masterpiece of advanced technology, engineered to deliver maximum uptime with intelligence that doesn't lead the class — it teaches it.

Single Lithium-ion Battery

The DaVinci is powered by a single lithium-ion battery expected to last 10 years — in other words, the machine's full lifespan. This advanced battery charges 3x faster than a standard lift and, after only five minutes of charge, can provide 100-ft of driving and enough torque to load.

Zero Hydraulics

The DaVinci is the industry's first true all-electric scissor featuring zero hydraulics thereby eliminating the chance for hydraulic leaks, protecting sensitive flooring, reducing customer maintenance and clean-up costs and lowering total cost of ownership.

Advanced Energy Efficiency

The DaVinci is the first unit in the industry to recover energy while the platform is descending. This capability contributes to a 70% decrease in power consumption. Additionally, the DaVinci produces zero emissions. In short, it's the eco-friendliest scissor on the planet.

Intelligent Diagnostics

The DaVinci is equipped with intuitive, smart phone-enabled diagnostics that proactively track the machine's health. Technicians can easily diagnose and troubleshoot the DaVinci via their mobile device to ensure they achieve maximum uptime.

Masterfully Engineered

The DaVinci platform elevates to 19-ft indoors and outdoors, and can carry a class-leading 600-lbs. This machine is ideal for use on sensitive data center floors and in clean rooms. Plus, advanced features such as QuikFold Rails and Variable Tilt technology maximize users' productivity.

Smarter Mobility

JLG™ Mobile Control allows the user to move the DaVinci machine while stowed using their mobile device from a safe distance for improved visibility and ease of loading and moving through tight spaces. Its 4-mph stowed drive speed is 2x faster than a standard scissor lift, while its progressive elevated drive speed feature slows the unit down as you elevate for enhanced safety and productivity.